How To Consign.

What we accept

Good quality seasonal women’s clothing and accessories currently in demand that have been purchased within the last 2-3 years.  Our intake schedule is as follows:

  • Spring: Jan – March
  • Summer: April – June 
  • Fall: July – September
  • Winter: October - November  

    Please view our labels we love and unaccepted labels tab for more information.


    *Please note we require a minimum of 5 approved items to consign with us.

    1) If you are interested in consigning items, please send us an email (  If you are a current consignor please provide your name and client number.  If you are a new consignor, please include your name, email address and phone number.

    2) In your email, please include a detailed listing of your items including pictures, labels, and size.  You can send up to a maximum of 15 pieces.  Please review your items very carefully for any holes, stains, or wear as these items will not be accepted and will automatically be donated.

    3) Once we have reviewed your email and conducted a prescreening of your items, we will contact you and let you know what items we can accept.  At this time we will give you a time to drop off your items.

    4) Please ensure all items have been freshly laundered, and pressed at drop off.  Once we price your items we will send you an email with a listing of your consigned items and consignor details. 


    Bella will display your items for a 10 week period. Bella is responsible for determining the prices of items and reserves the right to discount items up to an additional 15% at anytime during your contract. Clients will receive the following commissions upon sale:

    • 40% for items priced between $10.00 - $149.00
    • 50% for items priced between $150.00 - $499.00
    • 60% for items priced between $500.00 - $999.00
    • 70% for items priced over $1000

    *For items that sell online through our Shopify website, there will be a 3% fee charged based on the selling price.


    Upon sale money owed to clients can be picked up directly at the boutique. Please monitor your account on Payouts over $50 will be credited directly to your bank account via your debit card, payouts over $250 will be payable via cheque (please provide 48 hours notice for a cheque request).  Please note account balances will be held for 12 months after contract end date, after which time uncollected balances will become property of Bella Boutique.

    *Please note that items are left with Bella at the consignors discretion. Bella will not be responsible for any items left with us for consignment, including damage or theft.