About Bella

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Tina Pucci and Melissa Loschmann, stepsisters with a flare for fashion!

After years of dreaming of opening our own consignment shop, in 2008 we were able to make that dream a reality!

Early in our careers, we both had the opportunity to manage a consignment store. To this day we both agree, that it was the most satisfying, enjoyable job we ever had. Even though we both moved on with our careers, we always knew that owning our own store and bringing our own flare to consignment, was something we were destined to do!

With Tina’s background in Fashion Design, and Melissa’s background in Business Marketing, combined with our natural love for everyday fashion and trends, we created Bella, Women’s Consignment Boutique!

Now, not only are we sisters and best friends, we are also business partners!

Thank you to all of our family, friends, and loyal supporters for helping to make Bella a success!